Weekly Storytime!

Every family has their favorite story books – ones that our kids are riveted by, that they’re drawn to either the story or the pictures (or both), the ones that we’re asked to read over and over and over. My family is no exception. My husband and I are raising 3 kids who all have very different interests, have gravitated to different books over the years, and I’m excited to start sharing them with you! A new storytime video will be available on the Gingersnaps Bows YouTube channel each Thursday. I’m excited to help all of you get through these challenging times by giving you a few minutes of someone else reading to your kids. So grab your coffee (or a glass of wine, no judgements from me!), start the video and snuggle with your littles as I share my family’s favorite stories.

Videos already posted:
Charlotte the Scientist is Squished by Camille Andros
Princesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie & Allison Oppenheim

Weekly Menu Plan – April 27, 2020

One thing that has come out of this quarantine that has been really good for my family is that we’re all eating dinner together and I’m forced to meal plan. I’ve been so on and off with menu planning in the past. I’d plan out a months worth of meals, but then a surprise evening activity would come up and I wouldn’t have time to make what I planned, or I would miss an ingredient at the grocery store, or… you know how it goes.

At this point I’m going to Costco and Wegmans once every two weeks for our big stock up, and then once or twice in the middle Abe will hit up a store for milk (we buy 2 gallons at a time). This rhythm really works for us and I’m hoping to continue it once the world is open again.

I’ve been relying on lot of family favorites for meals, using some of my favorite cookbooks (I’ll highlight them as they come up), and we’re going through the stacks of recipes I’ve pulled out of magazines through the years. I received this meal planner for Christmas. I really like using it because there are two pages between each week which is a great place for me to make my grocery list or do a quick inventory of what’s in our freezer or pantry. I also post our menu on the whiteboard in the kitchen to help dodge the incessant question, “What’s for dinner?”

This is what we’re having to eat this week. I usually only plan out our main dishes, because I always have sides like rice, pasta, potatoes and frozen & fresh veggies on hand. I prepare whatever makes sense to go with the meal. I’ve linked the recipes that I’m using that are available online.

Sunday – homemade pasta with sauce & meatballs
Monday – waffles & sausage
Tuesday – Carnitas (Taco Tuesday!)
Wednesday – Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Shrimp & Broccoli
Thursday – Beef & Broccoli
Friday – Sausage & Pasta
Saturday – Garlic Chicken

Something new for you…

So it’s been…. weird lately, right? Being asked to stay home 24/7 is nothing that anyone we know has ever experienced. Even going out to the grocery store is totally strange. When I go to Costco or Wegmans I feel so awkward – trying to get through my list as fast as possible, avoiding eye contact, and trying to navigate the store while staying 6 feet from others is odd. Having our lives come to a screeching halt and switching from the kids going to school to them learning at home overnight brings out all the emotions. One day I’m great, feeling like super mom. Laundry is getting done, kitchen gets cleaned up between meals, everyone is on time for their zooms and can log on to apps, and cooking dinner is fun. But then there are the days where I don’t even want to get out of bed. Doing things seems pointless, kids are fussing about doing work, dishes pile up and the house ends up looking like there was a 3-day frat party. So where does this leave us? Right where we started. Staying home to protect others and hoping for our new normal that will come someday.

I’ve had similar struggles with my business. I was still cranking out new products at the beginning of March when the stay at home order started. Around March 15 I pulled out my sewing machine and started making masks for friends and loved ones who worked in healthcare. Then I connected with others from my church who were donating in bulk to local healthcare agencies. All in all, I made over 200 masks in the last month. The time I’ve spent making masks in the last week or so has declined significantly (although I’m still making them for those who need them), and I’m feeling a little lost. All of my spring craft shows have been cancelled, I’m still offering my product online but promoting it feels a little off. So what now?

I’d like to serve the Gingersnaps Bows community in a wider way, and that’s where this blog comes in. Every Thursday I’m going to post a favorite story of my family’s for your children to enjoy. Every Sunday/Monday I’ll post our menu plan for the week. And in between I’ll share tidbits about our life, what products I’m loving a relying on, books that I’m reading, and glimmers of hope and light that we all need. And as always, I’m here to provide you quality handmade hair accessories for your child to make the every day more special.