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Holiday Surprise Boxes

Like many others, during 2020 I went down the TikTok rabbit hole. Around the holidays, I loved seeing what others were baking, how they were decorating their homes and what they were crafting. I also loved watching people open all kinds of different Advent calendars – ones with jam, cheese, wine, legos, toys, makeup – you name it and it came in an Advent calendar. One night a thought came to me… “Why doesn’t Gingersnaps have an Advent Calendar?” So early in 2021 I started making plans!

One point that was important to me was to make our “advent calendars” more inclusive – not just for those who celebrate Christmas in whatever form (birth of Christ or with Santa delivering gifts), but for those who may celebrate other holidays this time of year. So I wanted to specifically call them something different – and the Holiday Surprise Box was born.

For the first time this year we launched 2 Holiday Surprise Boxes – one with hairbows and one with scrunchies – each with 12 wrapped items inside. Each item would be made of materials not already offered in our product selection – new colors, patterns and fabrics. Any holiday-specific items would be swapped for more general patterns/colors for families who I knew didn’t celebrate Christmas to reflect their faith traditions. Each box would be packed with the same items in the same order, but with there only being 12 items the recipient could start opening the items at any time.

I set up a launch schedule that would allow me to make sure I had enough materials on hand and get the boxes out in a timely fashion. The boxes were announced in late July and more information was shared on social media in August. Orders were open during the month of September only. Then I used October and early November for supply ordering, making the items for each box and packing for shipping. Boxes were mailed on November 15.

I have started daily reveal videos (to be shared on Instagram & Facebook stories) to show off what products are included in each box this year. I do have extras of some of the pieces, so if you see something that you’re interested in but didn’t get a box please reach out and I’ll try to hook you up if I can. Any remaining pieces will be launched on the Gingersnaps website during 2022.

If you have a Holiday Surprise Box this year, please share photos/videos on social media and tag @gingersnapsbows/#gingersnapsbows! We’d all love to share in the excitement!

Thank you again for your support and I’m looking forward to making plans for our 2022 Holiday Surprise Boxes. To make sure you know when our 2022 boxes are available for order, join our mailing list here!

Introducing The Sawyer!

I’m excited to not only bring you a new product this month, but to bring you the story behind the piece and it’s name. Last December in a social media post about planning for 2021 I asked for suggestions and ideas of what products you’d like to see. I received an email from a long-time customer who I had originally met through a local running group. She’s the parent of 4 little ones, and had a unique need for one of her children:


“My 4 year old son has long curly hair that we keep out of his eyes with hair clips. He would like hair clips that are geared more towards boys than girls.”


I created a few options for him and sent them off for her son to try. I made our clippies without the bow on top in a few solid colors, and covered some snap clips in a faux leather. Her son gravitated immediately to the covered snap clips and wore them daily! And so, the Sawyer was born.


This product is special because it was created with all children in mind. The Sawyer fits with our clean, classic styling but offers patterns and colors that would appeal to boys and girls to show their personality.


These are one of the few products that I offer that doesn’t involve ribbon. The Sawyer is made with metal snap clips and faux leather. The leather is first cut to our custom dimensions. Then a slit is cut on the back side for the clip to fit through. Next the piece is glued together and checked for flaws. The clips are packaged on our branded cards and are ready to travel to you!

Holiday Shopping Update! – December 1, 2020

Tis the Season! For good reason the holiday shopping season got an early start this year and I am here for it! As a business owner and a holiday shopper myself, I love that business are offering their holiday products (and sales!) earlier than they have in years past. Gingersnaps Bows is no different – we’re a little over halfway through our holiday sale and it has many components. Here’s what we’re offering:

• 10% off your order of $10 or more with code HOLIDAY10 (includes free shipping)
• 20% off your order of $20 or more with code HOLIDAY20 (includes free shipping)
• A fun freebie in every order – including 5 Starbucks gift cards! (I used a random number generator to determine which orders get them)
• I’m also going to donate the amount of savings from every order to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Food banks around the country have been especially hard hit this year and this it hurts my heart to think of families without food anytime of year, but especially at the holidays.

Gingersnaps Bows has been featured in two small business gift guides this year!

First is one put together by Rising Tide – a national small business group for creatives. I’ve been involved with our local chapter – Tuesdays Together – for the last several months and I’m so thankful for their fellowship and encouragement every day. There are so many incredible artists included in this guide!

Rising Tide Gift Guide

Second is the Fig Bethlehem Gifting Guide. I’ve received the print edition of Fig Bethlehem for years and I’m always excited to flip through it to see what businesses and restaurants in my hometown have been featured. So when they reached out to me to be part of this guide I was beside myself! This guide contains photos and links to a wide range of Lehigh Valley small businesses and I’m so honored to be part of this group.

I’ve also done a fair amount of shopping from small businesses, and I’ll be sharing my purchases in my Instagram and Facebook stories throughout the next few weeks!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide – Gingersnaps Bows

Typically I’m a “the tree doesn’t go up until after Thanksgiving” kind of a girl. NOT THIS YEAR FOLKS! I’m down for all of the holiday cheer ASAP. My holiday candles are out, holiday soaps are in our bathrooms, and Monday the decorations will come out of their boxes in the basement.

To go along with that, I’ve already started holiday shopping for my loved ones. Gingersnaps Bows has a variety of pieces that will make the perfect gift for any girl on your list! Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide highlights the pieces in our holiday collection, as well as suggests unique gift ideas that are sure to be cherished. Plus bows make great stocking stuffers and can be used to adorn the presents themselves!

I’ll be sharing more about these products and more in the coming weeks, and watch for our holiday sale announcement!

How to fix your bow’s frayed edges

One of the finishing steps I take for each bow before it leaves my studio is to heat seal the edges of the ribbon. But through wear, travel, and maybe even an accidental trip through the washer and dryer (it’s happened to me!), the edges of your bow may begin to fray. The good news is that it’s a super easy fix! All you need is your bow and a lighter. If the edge of the ribbon is frayed a lot, you can start by using sharp scissors to cut a clean edge.

1. Take the section that is frayed and move it away from the rest of the bow.
2. Light your lighter and move it gently towards one end of the frayed edge of the bow.
3. Move the lighter along the frayed edge from one end to the other. You will be able to see the edge seal as you go.

4. Repeat as needed until the frayed edge is gone.

A word of caution: The lighter in color the ribbon is the more careful you need to be that you don’t singe it. If you hold the lighter under the ribbon for too long you’ll see some black areas appear on the underside.