Fall recipes for you!

This fall has been busy (which I am thrilled about!) but we’re also trying to eat at home more since eating out has gotten so expensive. We’re past the point of getting kids meals for the 3 kids, my kids have also discovered the joys of the appetizer course and we all know the cost of food is rising and some restaurants are even instituting a service charge for using a credit card! So back to menu planning and cooking at home most (if not all) nights of the week it is. I happened to find one of the Half Baked Harvest cookbooks the last time I went to Home Goods (this one) and I snapped it right off the shelf. I’ll be cooking a good number of the recipes this month and I’ll be back in November with an update.

But for now, here are a few recipes that we had recently that we loved. I made 2 soups last week. This butternut squash soup was *chefs kiss*, but my friend just told me she also added carrots to it. Genius idea! I also made this mushroom soup and made it smooth with my immersion blender. It was a good start but I will add more salt and herbs next time I make it.

I made these pumpkin bars last week for our middle & high school pep band before their home game (our music association feeds them pizza before home games and I’ve been baking for them too). So delicious but next time I make it I will make 1.5 times the amount of cream cheese icing. The recipe given covers the bars, but a little extra is never a bad thing!

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