Bow Styles

We are delighted to name our bow styles after some of our biggest fans! Each of these styles is named for one of our early supporters, a girl who first requested the style, or a girl who has loved the style from the start.

addison bow style
The Addison

A classic boutique bow measuring 4.5” across and made from 1.5” ribbon.

audrey bow style
The Audrey

A stacked pinwheel bow measuring 5” across and made from 1.5” and 7/8” ribbon.

ava bow style
The Ava

A mini pinwheel bow measuring 3” across and made from 7/8” ribbon.

caroline bow style
The Caroline

A stacked boutique bow measuring 4.5” across and made from 1.5” ribbon.

lily bow style
The Lilly

A classic boutique bow measuring 6” across and made from 2.25” ribbon.

bow clips

Clip Options for Bows

Gingersnaps bows come standard with the 2.25″ non-slip clip pictured to the left. This clip will stay put in all types of hair.

Our largest bows can also be made with the 4″ alligator clip. This clip often works better for older girls with thick or curly hair. You can select the alligator clip for all Lily bows before you place the product in your cart.

Ribbon Colors

red color swatch
orange color swatch
yellow color swatch
green color swatch
royal blue color swatch
Royal Blue
purple color swatch
dark pink color swatch
Dark Pink
light pink color swatch
Light Pink
white color swatch
cream color swatch
brown color swatch
black color swatch

Additional colors are available by request. Please send us a message if you’re looking for a specific color!